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The "Inland Empire" has a prime population of choice BBC to reach this sought after flavor of their cum flow blow of the knut matter that I too want that niceness and rawness of this essential animalistic likeness, of the black man's juice served by the raw fuck of a white man's offering. The upper level of pureness of ecstasy of orgasmic delight; that to know I hold the openness of my being to take into me which was given from him, the place that raw knut goes is right and just. For that acceptance of being well with the choices of our sexual actions understand all of the inner working aftereffects. Reaching climax in the natural expression, skin to skin, of the fuck act that the essence of a man to want another man's cum into his ass is as natural, reasonable, rational, and sane of wisdom understanding. That cum flow blown out by reaching the orgasmic gyrations felt into the mix of essentials that we have not seen, in divisions of social inequality of racism and exclusion, that this act of offering right here and now, take to heal the division made by all of what is the past hurt upon us, a collective wound that needs to be put our efforts of healing intentions.

Many BBC men that are out here on the DL from their presented "straight" profiles do not realize that almost all of us humans as a collective are bisexual in nature. This is because of an obvious choice that our minds and bodies go through to meet the need of the raw basic variety of sex, the one at the very foundation of what it is to be humans and especially a human male.

Many BBC and others on the DL do not know that "Sex" and its "need of having sex" appears to have to be fallen down to be on the lowest of the physiological foundation of the basic human needs chart.

"Sex is a human physiological need" as equal to water to drink, air to breathe, food to eat, and the function of having to piss and shit into the modern use of a receptacle to remove that dirty stuff away from our living spaces. Relieved into and then flushed down the toilet.

The rawness and perhaps dirty deeds of our sexual needs - perhaps just over the dirty think points of reality just of above the toilet, we perhaps don't desire to flush the sexual creations of our basic human sexual need expressively a function of orgasms galore juices, We don't want to place that to be outflowing down into the toilet.

Sexuality at its most basic needed role in our humanity is actually to build between us, those who are needing its function in the day's expressions of all things completed, is actually a trust factor internal to our social wellness.

That we as humans need this raw sexual act to build collective trust by honoring the outcomes and aftermaths of such raw activities. This to actually respect, regard, and challenge the notion to we should and must have pride in the celebration of the cum knut.

That definitely worth its weight in gold; definitely of value to hold somewhere to not be flushed down the toilet; lost to its imperative function.

No, the toilet, or its equivalent garbage mental thinking, to be given a label onto it, to be made to feel bad and guilty for the act itself. The imperative need here is the point-blank view, to hold an honest assessment that we and it are to be honored, respected, and have a high regard reverenced holding onto our full view of all things we do, have pride that your cum goes into a man and that man desired to service that from you.

The ties and bonds, even if as anonymously shared in passing day affair, the sexual flow of orgasmic gyrations is to be placed into our partner's being as a matter that brings forward peace --- by trust --- and trust brings peace mathematical scale equation.

From the intention of cause to do and be that which others say is wrong -- judge the dirty --- is to actually break the chains of hate, to be busting that cum knut into thy fellow man and begins the long tidal reversing of erosions of trust and builds back the outside ties to the walls shall shake at the mighty all mighty of acts and the oppression of these build up walls are smatched to smithereens.

But you question the needs to rational STD prevention, right? That is a full lesson in another writing here-- the science equation of on the DL vs. the TALK, TEST, and TREAT model of actionability.

For it being raw and so-called "dangerous and risky" -- an act so scorned, so taboo, so told to hide it away, and holding secrets to its dismay, it is not amazing that we as humans have such profound "funk" on our sexual needs and division needs of DL identities -- PRIDE YOURSELF to know that you blow the flow of CUM to the trust and unity of community; and that dears is your lesson so bold - The Creation Titled Workspace of:

The Awesome Kramobone Glows and Blows Playroom
An Adult Consent Thought and Practices School
Consent or Absent of Consent is the Moral Line
Sexual Needs in all ways it must express itself,
But be formed from diversity.

Think of it this way; Out of all of the men who are fucking other men asses or perhaps the straight variety of man fucking women across the entire planet at this very exact moment that you are directed here to thnk about. The concrete knowledge is that these acts are typically out and away from an actual conclusive count -- the answer to this equation is not possible to prove to a point of view as being a highly accurate count of data journal record. Take it that we don't need such a count to [1] pose the question and [2] answer this question with a reasonable deductive answer.

Out of all of the men who are having sex with and without condoms or other barriers of STD protections, that are active this moment in time fucking other men and/or other women, across the entire perspective view of the entire world. That count as we can best imagine, is their most men having sex with barriers and so-called protection, or are there more men fucking raw and natural without barriers?

The answer is so much the obvious across the entire planet that obviously at this very point of time, there are more men to scale factors of magnitudes of more men fucking right now under the conditions of what is called "unprotected sex" and that is the majority class by magnitudes of differences in count population.

Therefore, in conclusion, what I am defining here is what it is to be a human existing today as you read. The choice of having intentional unprotected sexual experiences for the choice of it is the majority happening the global worldwide; that this is the truth. I choose to hold myself intentionally in this majority classification and choice to hold my right to have consented actions between consenting adults of having unprotected intentional sex and weight in the counterpoint view that actually saves the community from its dangerous immorality judgments of other that weights in the "Talk, Test, and Tread" model as it applies to the STD prevention, treatment, and control. The old paradigms are dangerous to social trust erosions --- the choice is clear -- rebuild ourselves back to stable society by enjoying our sexual lives freely --- intentionally choosing unprotected sexual acts and consenting risk partners -- doing so -- bringing back a moral natural humanity of flow to the aftereffects of having sex basic human needs that should be and must be sanctified in our culture, community, and our greater society.

Thank You For Reading.
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