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First experience
Posted:Oct 16, 2019 2:03 am
Last Updated:Oct 16, 2019 5:10 pm

My wife and I were swingers. I was never enough for her. I mean we had a wonderful life and loved each other but sexually she just needed more than I could provide so we began meeting like minded couples and other men and women who wanted to fuck her. Especially other men. Especially men with huge cocks. I watched her take on a hotel room full of well hung black men and didn't leave until each one of those men had . I'll be telling you a lot more about her in the future but this morning I want to tell you how I began experimenting with my bi side. It was in a room quite like the one I just mentioned. We'd met these two guys a bar, had a few drinks, smoked a little then Betty convinced the boys to follow her home. Well, to a hotel room. When she brought men home I was basically there to watch. I loved watching don't get me wrong and it was a big turn on for me. I think I liked their bodies as much as she did. So, there I was in my little corner, watching those two studs slam my wife, they were very well endowed and knew how to please her, holding my cock in my hand and imagining what if when one of the gents spotted me. His buddy was balls deep into my wife and seemed to have everything control and he had his cock balls deep in her mouth. She could suck a cock! He had been making eye contact with and I was giving it right back when he pulled his huge penis of her and came over to me. We were all naked. A little side note here. a cyclist and I shave my legs. Actually I shave just about everything. practically hairless and my skin is soft and supple because I keep it well lubricated! I know a lot of you pervs are taking that in a lot of directions but outside a lot and always use a good sunscreen. It keeps soft to the touch. He came over to me and began to touch me. He started with my legs. He couldn't stop feeling me up and down. It seemed like his hands were everywhere touching me in ways I hadn't been touched before. But he couldn't take his hands off me. He asked me to stand up and I did. There we were, man to man. I started to touch him too. He explored all of my soft smooth tight body as I explored his massive frame. His hands were everywhere again this time on my cock, then my ass, then back to my legs then back to my ass. The sensations drove me wild! I was enjoying his attention, my first experience with any man. He made his way behind me, reached around my tiny waist with his left arm and pulled me tightly against him with his long thick cock pushed tight between my ass cheeks. Then he reached around me with his right hand to grab hold of my cock. While he rubbed his throbbing dick up and down inside the crack of my ass he began to jerk me off as we both watched my wife and his pal go at it. It was one of the most erotic few moments of my life. He new exactly what he was doing by the way. He held me just so in a powerful but sweet way, spooning me for lack of a better term. I arched just so allowing the head of his cock to find my hole. I wanted him inside me so bad but he just teased me with the giant head of his penis as he continued to jerk my off. I was nearly of my mind and to be honest I've never harder in my life! We were least five feet from my wife's bed. My exploded of , some of it making it to the sheets she was writhing on as the two of them reached orgasm. He finished me off with long gentle strokes along the full length of my shaft using my as lube and making even more. Then he came. I could feel his huge cock pulse with every ejaculation and I could feel his gooey jizz as he spewed a huge load in between my cheeks. It ran down through my ass crack and down my legs almost all the way to my feet. He came a lot! He never penetrated me though and I consider it unfinished business. I wanted him to fuck me and I was going to make that happen. I did by the way. The experience opened a whole new world for me. Although I still love beautiful women and ladies are still my go to sex partners I knew at that moment that there would be more men into my life. I Like cock. What can I say? Like my new neighbor Reed's. We've done some touching but he's going to in my mouth and my ass. Soon. I'll tell you more about him in the future too. For now I have to get ready for work. Life you know. up sometime. always game! Go forth and slay.
Posted:May 4, 2020 12:43 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 10:38 am

The only thing missing is you.
My wife
Posted:May 4, 2020 2:21 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2020 12:11 pm

I once promised I'd tell you more about my wife and I guess today is as good a time as any. Let me begin by telling you that she was a spectacular beauty, a Galway Girl if you will. She had raven hair and the most incredible blue eyes and she was a brick house. She was curvy with a perfect ass and the nicest pair of titties I've ever seen. Her nipples, which were always erect were pierced with large gauge jewelry which drove everyone who saw them crazy! Imagine Bettie Page and you'd have a pretty good idea what she looked like. Her name was Betty by the way and she was a sexual beast and a true bi-sexual woman. She always dressed to impress. She loved skimpy, slinky, short ,and low cut. Anything that showed off her assets. She was always pulled together, always in fuck me heels, and could do anything in them including play basketball which I once watched her do with three black guys who gangbanged her after the game! She had great legs and I'll be honest. I loved to watch her spread them. Whenever she walked into a room everyone stopped to stare. Most of them wanted to fuck her. Many got the chance, boys and girls alike. She was a great wing man and I miss her. Betty worked for a large company with many interests and she was very successful and good at what she did. She made a lot of money, and got a lot of great "perks" for what she did. One of those perks was a trip to the Glastonbury Festival in 2007. The corporation she worked for dealt in talent and one of their "stars" was Amy Winehouse who was playing the festival that year. We were hooked up with all access passes to the show and a meet and greet with Amy Winehouse before the show. She was just a then but had already become a hot commodity across the pond! I'm a bit of a musician, I play the trumpet and the horns fascinated her. She did a sultry jazzy set that night that blew us away but before she went out we had a couple of drinks, and a bump off a huge pile of coke with her. She was already starting to reel out of control, we already were. Betty and I could party. Amy asked us to stick around after the show and of course we said yes.
Strange days indeed
Posted:May 2, 2020 6:15 am
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 10:38 am

I live in Maine and spend a lot of time upta camp near Sunday River. I slipped away and headed up there early yesterday. As I arrived at the access road I ran into a huge gaggle of people protesting the corona virus guidelines at a place I frequent regularly called Sunday River Brewing Company, it's a nice restaurant and pub and I like a good pub so, of course, I decided to stop. I wanted a fresh beer to be honest. The line to get in was waaay too long so I headed up to my place where I had beer instead. I opened the place up, got a beer opened too, filled a bowl with some primo shit, then settled on the deck with some music, enjoying the rapidly clearing sky over the mountains. I was vibing and had just taken a hit off the bowl when I was surprised by my new neighbors. May I be blunt? The wife, her name is Sophia is a sexy thing. I invited them to join me and got them both a beer. We sat and talked for a while and we hit it off nicely. They're much younger than I am but it didn't seem a problem at all. We had a lot in common. We all love skiing and we're all fitness freaks and we all love to be in the mountains. They are a great looking couple and very outgoing and fun to hang around with. Did I mention she was a sexy thing. We had a couple of beers and enjoyed the afternoon together and when it came time to go they asked me if I might like to join them at their place for a bbq. I thought that I'd like hanging around with Sophia some more so I accepted their offer and we agreed to meet in an hour. I jumped in the shower, shaved, and dressed then grabbed beers and headed over. They had cleaned up and may I say, they clean up nicely especially Sophia who had this slinky little dress on and little else. The dress had little spaghetti straps and was low cut and short and it highlighted her nice, firm breasts and her nice round bum. She welcomed me with a nice hug and a peck and invited me sit down right next her. Her husband, his name is Dan welcomed me and asked me what I thought of Sophia's dress. Me being me I said I loved it and that it looked like it would be easy take off. We all chuckled then moved on into the evening. Dan did all the cooking and he kept a drink in Sophia and my hands as soon as the last one was empty. He's a great host! We ate, we drank, we smoked, and we talked. Things were rolling along. Can I ask you something? Ever fuck the neighbor's wife at a BBQ? At some point Dan brought a night cap out for Sophia and I and then said he was going to turn in. I told him I'd leave but Sophia wanted me to stay for the drink so Dan disappeared and we continued the evening. I have to tell you that Sophia's dress, more specifically her body was driving me crazy. I told her so and I told her that I loved how she looked in it and the next thing I know she stands up in front of me, slips the straps off her shoulder and lets the dress hit the floor. There she was, those sweet tits and her nicely trimmed pussy right there. My cock got rock hard. I was flabbergasted, I wanted something like that to happen but not in my wildest dreams. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I said I'd need her to spin around so I could check out her ass before I could decide so she twirled around just inches from me. I definitely like. She kneeled in front of me and put her arms on my legs, her hands sitting on my throbbing cock and said, "Crazy how many guys can't perform while hubs is in the house. Also nice when you find one that knows his place." "Are you one of those men?" I am. I reached out for those amazing tits, caressing and playing with her erect nipples as she unzipped my pants and nibbled on my neck and ear lobe while she fumbled around down there. I moved my hands to her ass, reaching my fingers into her crack and touching between her legs. She managed to wriggle my pants down and started stroking my cock which seemed to get harder and harder with every stroke. We were both crazy and crazy horny. I moved her away then stripped my clothes off as she kneeled right in front of me looking up with her bedroom eyes from the floor. Once I was naked she took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me and took every inch of me down her throat over and over, my cock growing harder and bigger the deeper she took me inside her mouth. She took my cock out her with one of her hands as she looked up at me with eyes that said fuck me, fuck me hard. I reached for her hands and pulled her up to me then pushed her against the wall and slid my throbbing cock between her legs, my precum lubricating the way but to be honest she didn't need any lubrication. She was hot and wet. I swear my cock kept growing as I pushed between her lips, hitting her clit just right as she moaned in pleasure. My hands were all over her. First her tits then her ass then up and down her legs as my cock explored her outer pussy lips then back inside of her as I kissed her neck and grabbed her ass. She was enjoying it all. My thick cock pushed deep inside of her and her moans became squeals and screams. We fell to the floor and she tilted her hips and grabbed my ass and pulled me deep into her. My cock was buried deep inside her forcing her lips apart. She asked for more. I went crazy, pounding her like a jackhammer, hitting up against her with a slap, slap, slap! Deep and hard and fast! She was lost in the sex! I took control over her at that moment and I fucked her good! At some point I turned her over and fucked her doggy style so I could get even deeper inside her pussy. At some point she started to squirt and I started ti cum, our wet mess dripping on the floor. I was going to pull out but when I tried she pushed back against me and burred my cock back inside of her. She moaned "let me have it all" so I let my thick warm cum fill her pussy. She pulled me out of her, rolled over on her back then pulled me back inside of her with her hands on my ass. She worked her hips, swaying and pushing as my cum filled her and she finally climaxed on my coc We relaxed as I slowly pulled out, my warm cum oozing out of her. We laid there for a bit, exhausted and satisfied, then gathered ourselves and our clothes and went back out onto the deck where her husband had reappeared. I was half dressed, Sophia still naked and dripping. She looked at her hubs with a mischevious smile and said, "you need to reclaim ." We both laughed but she was serious so Dan took her hand, said, See you tomorrow?" then took Sophia off into the house. I went back home half dressed and called it a night. But, what a night. I think I'm going to like my new neighbors. What do you think?
Posted:May 1, 2020 4:27 am
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 10:38 am

I live in Maine. Some of the pandemic restrictions that have been in place for a while now are being lifted. The idea of getting a little freedom back is making me horny! Let's get take out drinks and food and fuc It is Friday after all. I'm kinda kidding of course but it does feel like things are changing for the good. We're not out of the woods but maybe soon? Good luc Be smart. Have a great Friday and if I may? Cheers.
Sex, the curvy girl, and a pandemic.
Posted:Apr 30, 2020 2:21 pm
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 10:38 am

I'm bored. I've been bored for weeks to be honest! So I decided to find some fun and managed to meet up with a wonderful couple recently in spite of the corona virus. It went in a strange direction if I can use that word but with no complaints from anyone. The couple invited me to their place, supposedly to be a top for the man of the house but for whatever reason that didn't work out, but things did work out in the end. The lady of the house was a curvy, sexy, beautiful thing and we hit it off instantly! She's a doll with a brain and all kinds of sexy stuff to wear. Just the way I prefer them. The day began with drinks and a joint while she modeled everything in her closet and drawers for us! It was quite a turn on! She has a lot of skimpy little things to wear on that round, sexy body of hers and she kills it in it all! She has a big, round, smooth ass that looks good in everything she wears, especially anything g-stringy and she has the most beautiful and perfect tits you can imagine that look great without anything covering them at all, which, coincidentally she prefers. Me too! She's fun sized and likes to be photographed and really knows how to "present" herself if you know what I mean so we took lots of pics! She's very pretty, a real knockout, and could have been a pinup in another life. Her hair is colored this nice silver grey color. Apparently it's a thing because she's not grey at all! And she has spectacular clear blue bedroom eyes. What a woman! I had a hard on like you read about and thankfully she noticed. She put on this blue string thong that highlighted the curve of her hips and nothing else, sashayed and danced around the room for us, and then focused on me. May I say, the lady can dance. At some point the three of us ended up naked, groping, licking and sucking each other. I did manage to get her man's attention when his rather large cock ended up in my mouth somehow. I felt it was the right thing to do since my cock was deep inside his wife's mouth at the time. He couldn't take it , I can suck cock like a motherfucker, so he pulled out of me and went to get his camera. I know he enjoyed it tho. As deep as I took him inside my mouth she took me even deeper. We moved into a 69 position so I could go down on her. All I can say is she was sweet and juicy. The whole episode ended with she and I going at it for a while, her husband watching, filming, snapping and I can only imagine wanting me deep inside his ass after watchin his lady get it real good but that will have to wait until next time. She was very wet through it all, a real cummer, and yes, she squirted when I applied rotation on her sugar plum. Oh. She was so soft and voluptuous, I loved to touch her skin, my hands were everywhere as my throbbing cock pounded her in every position she wanted. Doggy style was her obvious favorite as she came over and over bent over her man with those big tits bouncing and swaying as we fucked. She took me on bareback, I had a condom but she refused it, and wanted me to cum inside her. She said that's how she liked it! So. I did. Tons of cum deep inside her then on her tits for good measure. I have a lot of cum. She was an amazing partner! We cleaned up, straightened up, and had a nightcap and smoked another doobie before calling it a night. And what a night. We made plans to meet again. I hope we do....we shall see. A most excellent encounter in the middle of a pandemic? I guess there's hope. Spread love and good vibes.
Who am I?
Posted:Nov 9, 2019 3:33 am
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 10:38 am

I assume that most of y'all on here consider yourself some sort of sexual freak. I mean that in the nicest way. Why else would we be looking for love in a wide open community like VoluptuousHotties - BBW Personals if we weren't all sexual freaks? Am I right? I got my freak on last weekend and spent an incredible evening with a beautiful cross dresser named Anna. He looked like a beautiful woman but let me tell you, he was all man underneath those sexy clothes he loves to wear. Without a doubt the experience was one of the most intense sexual experiences I've had in a long time. He told me he'd spoil me and he did. It was the first time in a long life that I went home with just a man and I have no regrets. The sex was amazing and I haven't cum so hard and so much and so often with anyone else. I meant it when I told him I wanted to fuck him and I wanted him to fuck me. Just thinking about that evening and him makes me hard and to be honest I'm going to jerk off soon thinking about him. I've surely changed. I'm different now since meeting Anna. In review, Imma different kind of freak now. Anna expanded my horizons. Isn't that how we all got here? We meet someone takes us somewhere we've never been before and all of a sudden we want a little more of what they have to offer. Do you ever think about the sexual journey you've been on that has shaped you into the sexual animal you've become and has brought you here today reading my blog and wondering about sliding your big cock into my mouth? Thanks to Anna I now know I can swallow your load. So I'm a different man this morning than I was last Saturday. I know that I'd really like to find a couple with a seriously bi guy now. I want to explore in that direction with my erection. No doubt my go to sex partners will still be curvy sexy women but I'm open to a lot of other people now too! Stay wild moonchild. To all you sexy cross dressing bi guys out there. I'm out here. And I'm waiting to be changed again. Here's hoping you get to cum hard tonight. Love all.
Posted:Nov 7, 2019 2:07 am
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 10:38 am

I had the pleasure of being invited to a friend's photo shoot last evening. She's an alternative model with lots of tats and piercings and the curviest body. So sexy! She is gorgeous too. The shoot was in an old, refurbished garage and it had a pinup feel to it. The photographer had a nice woman there to do her hair and makeup and since it was a lingerie shoot the girls did everything in their undies. There was wine and booze and pot and a lot of sexy lingerie to wear! One of the outfits was a set of undies that might remind you of the fifties with a pair of sheer meme panties and a large sheer bra. You know the type? Full coverage, the panties with a high waist and that sexy little pad between her lucious looking legs. Like your mom used to wear but sheer and sexy and the kind you'd like to take off your lady, or gent in Anna's case. Those panties highlighted my friends nice full ass like no tiny pair of panties could! The bra was even sexier with lots of coverage and lots of lift that showed off my girls voluptuous tits. Between the sexy women and the wine and the pot I was out of my mind horny. It wasn't the place to try to bed one of them down but I did ask my friend out for dinner Friday. The lingerie designer gave her those undies and I asked her to wear them which made her give me this rye smile. She knows I want to take them off her. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.
So. I met someone on here.
Posted:Nov 4, 2019 12:56 am
Last Updated:Nov 5, 2019 2:02 am

While mucking around on here the other morning I noticed I had received a message from someone so I checked it . It was from a man but i must say, he was quite an interesting man. And he was close. We were neighbors! That always makes my heart beat faster when I know that for some reason. Understand, I'm typically looking for a woman, or couple to play with but chatting with a man, especially a man that looked like this one did in his profile pic. He introduced himself then told me he found me attractive and very sexy and loved pics and my smooth body. As I've mentioned before. I am very smooth and shave often. I was glad he's picked up on that for some reason. He said to hang onto my hat then told me he was a cross dresser and asked me to call him Anne. I said cool but have to admit that until Saturday morning a cross dressing man was never anything that interested me. Until Saturday. We had a wonderful time chatting. Anne seemed intelligent and very friendly. At some point he got down to the business of this sight and he asked if I'd ever had a cock in my mouth which I admitted I had. On a couple of occasions when my wife and I had met people we'd swap partners with A cock or two found it's way into my mouth. Other places too and admittedly, I wanted more. He asked me what I had thought of it? I said it felt good and he agreed then asked if I thought I might like to put him in my mouth. I wasn't sure if a cross dressing man was for me and told him so so he led me around the subtleties of enjoying a sexy man's body decked out in beautifully feminine clothes that highlighted his attributes and body quite nicely which helped understand something. A sexy man wearing a thong, garters, stockings, in a beautiful dress and heels could drive me crazy with desire! Hell yeah I could imagine having him inside me! I asked for a pic and gave him my cell number. He obliged! The first pic he sent me sent me over the edge! I wanted him like I had never wanted a man before. We spent about an hour chatting and sharing a few more pics of each other. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. Through it all my cock kept a raging hard on going. He mentioned more than once that he was rock hard too so we decided to do something about it. I mean something other than jerk off. We decided we needed to meet. He asked me to come over to his place. I said yes. We agreed on 8 to 8:30 and he asked me to be as smooth as I could be, and mentioned he liked a well trimmed man to go down on, and suggested I shave my pubes. So I shaved everything. My legs, my ass, all the hair on my belly and arms and all the pubic hair around my cock. Everything! I was smooooth. And I lubricated my skin with a special body lotion I love. It leaves your skin feeling amazing! I went with his suggestion. Then I started my day. I had a lot to get done and all day long I thought about him and me. I was distracted to put it mildly. I kept looking at the pics he'd sent on my phone. He's slim, with long legs, but still curvy with a perfect ass and he looks so fine in a dress and stockings. Did I mention he has a nice ass had a g-string on in a couple of pics that highlighted his nice firm round bum. He was very nice looking too. And a beautiful cock. Long and thick with a magnificent head. The thing could barely be contained in his panties! As I mentioned. I thought about him all day long. I was so horny I could barely contain my own cock! It came time to get ready. I showered and shampooed, made sure I hadn't missed any hair, then hydrated my skin again. I put on a light scent, did my hair just right and I pulled on a nice shirt, some form fitting slacks, and a nice pair of shoes and little more then headed to his place. I picked up a nice bottle of wine on my way and listened to some Eagles as I drove to him. Now I have to admit that I started to have second thoughts. And I almost turned around. My head said I should just drive by but my cock made me stop. To be honest I had never spent intimate time with another man. I decided I felt right about what I was about to do. I pulled into his driveway, grabbed the bottle of wine and practically leaped out of my car and went to the door and knocked. Nothing. No sound at all so I knocked again. Then I heard some shuffling around inside, then footsteps and a nice voice that called out. "Just a minute", which gave me butterflies then he answered the door. I was blown away! He was a beautiful man. Gorgeous actually and wearing perfectly subtle make up and a raven haired shoulder length wig cut Bettie Page style! My favorite! He was tall and slender, wearing a slinky short black dress that hung on him from tiny little straps and fuck me heels that highlighted his incredible legs! I was standing in his doorway with a raging hard on and that bottle of wine simply mesmerized by him. He reached out to me, took hold of my hand and asked me in with the wave of an arm. No turning back. I went in! He had a nice place with lovely furniture and all this subtle lighting. Very moody and romantic. He asked me to sit down so i did. Right next to him on the couch. He took the bottle into the kitchen to open it and we drank a little wine and chit chatted some but honestly I couldn't wait to touch him. So I did. I began with his long legs, as smooth as mine and so sexy. I rubbed my hands all along them, then just under his dress. He reached to me and touched my face. Then kissed me. We were sitting on a couch with all these pillows on it in his living room. Music was playing in the background, something jazzy. My head was swimming. I asked him if he'd stand so I could take him all in and he did, prancing and twirling so his dress rode up over that perfect ass. I reached for him and reached under his dress and held his ass cheeks in the palms of both hands and pulled him to me . I put my head against his cock as I fondled his bottom and looked up into his beautiful eyes . He asked to take my clothes off so I sat him back down and did a strip tease for him, slowly but surely taking all my clothes off, pealing my own tight, sexy underwear off last exposing my rock hard cock. There I was! Naked and hard standing right there in front of him. He fondled my balls and kissed the head of my cock. I was wild with desire! him! I wanted to suck his cock! I pulled him up off the couch and slid the straps of his dress off his shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor. What a perfect body! He was wearing stockings and a g-string and those fuck me heels. He kicked of his shoes and I peeled everything else off him. His cock was raging. We were on fire! I got on my knees and put him in my mouth. He was thick and so hard and his cock felt so good in my mouth. Soon we were doing each other in a 69 position. I had never felt the way he made felt. I was willing to do whatever he wanted. At some point he asked if I'd take his load in my mouth. Since my mouth was filled with his manhood I said something like uh huh and went to work on that huge sweet cock. I did my best to take his full thick cock deep down my throat then held my mouth and throat wide open as he fucked my head. I choked on it with every powerful stroke but tried to take him even deeper. Then he said, " I'm going to cum! And I did! He came inside me, cum exploding into my mouth and down my throat! I swallowed and swallowed, and swallowed more. He was holding my cock, which paled in comparison to his and jerked me off as I took his load inside me. Then I came. Hard and all over my new friend! It was a whole new level of sexual gratification and I think we were 0% satisfied with the way things had begun. I haven't told him yet but I want him to fuck me. Deep and hard and I want his cum in my ass. I plan on meeting him again. I need a shower. It is Monday morning after all! Gotta make the donuts! Have a great day! Stay sexy and keep your options open.
Posted:Oct 22, 2019 2:03 am
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 10:38 am

I went out to my favorite sports bar to watch the game last night. I met these two young women. God, they were built! They were both college track athletes running cross country right now but both were jumpers in the spring. They looked the part! They were from Boston going to school up here. One was wearing tights which highlighted her incredible lower end. She was a raven haired beauty and what a perfect ass! The other, a long beautiful blonde was wearing a nice mini dress. Daringly short I might add! She had the body to rock it! When the Pats finished off their first drive with a touchdown, Blondie, in that tiny dress jumped into the arms of her wingman, wrapping her powerful legs around her body as her dress rode up over her ass! All the way up and over exposing her milky white bum and her baby blue g-string! That thing was muscular, nice and round, and very good sized! I got an instant hard on and have decided that I'm going to try to take advantage of the young lady. Possibly making a dynamic duo type package with her girlfriend! A man can dream can't he? We did get a good start on that as we drank late into the night! I didn't get into either one's pants but I did get a leg up on some interesting possibilities and both showed me their tiny but oh so sexy titties before we called it a night and I can tell you that those bums are tight! The ladies agreed to go out for dinner and drinks Friday night with me! I'm picking them up at seven! Wish me luck!
Posted:Oct 18, 2019 1:57 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2019 5:30 am

I must look a bit of a gay man, it's what I've written about so far so I'd understand if you think that but honestly I still prefer sex with women. I was happily married to the most incredible woman. She was beautiful, sexy, and my partner in crime. We were members of this community for many years and met many good friends on here. She was sexually insatiable and open to just about any sexual experience you can imagine and I had quite the imagination if I do say so myself. When I lost her I lost my everything. Except that imagination of course. I'm still "young" and have a voracious sexual appetite myself but it is much harder to find the kind of kinky fun we loved together as a single man. Betty, my wife and partner could lure men and women in, seemingly wherever we went! We used to joke with each other that she'd lure them in and I'd close the deal! That woman was always on the prowl. So when I lost her I lost my everything, including the most creative sex partner ever. She loved men, and women and for years it seemed Friday night was always interesting and almost always ended with a new friend or two. As I mentioned we were members here but Betty liked a drink and she liked to go out so for the most part we found our new friends out and about. Subtly wasn't her forte and she dressed more like a than a mom, she knew what her assets were and she flaunted them. She had the nicest tits and ass! Her boobs were always spilling out of her skimpy little tops and her ass was always wrapped in tight jeans or just barely covered by the shortest dresses and skirts you can imagine! My favorite look of hers was when she wore her short shorts and she had quite a collection of them. And that girl had legs! beautiful muscular toned legs! She was a knockout and if she wanted to she always walked out of the bar with one or more people to fuck! Naturally I got to join in the fun! She's gone now and it's so much more difficult to meet like minded people now. Much easier to meet men tho so...we are trying it all! I do have a nice friend with benefits who is bi herself so we'll see where we go from here. See you around? Stay wild moonchild.
Posted:Oct 18, 2019 1:57 am
Last Updated:Jun 2, 2020 10:38 am

I must look a bit of a gay man, it's what I've written about so far so I'd understand if you think that but honestly I still prefer sex with women. I was happily married to the most incredible woman. She was beautiful, sexy, and my partner in crime. We were members of this community for many years and met many good friends on here. She was sexually insatiable and open to just about any sexual experience you can imagine and I had quite the imagination if I do say so myself. When I lost her I lost my everything. Except that imagination of course. I'm still "young" and have a voracious sexual appetite myself but it is much harder to find the kind of kinky fun we loved together as a single man. Betty, my wife and partner could lure men and women in, seemingly wherever we went! We used to joke with each other that she'd lure them in and I'd close the deal! That woman was always on the prowl. So when I lost her I lost my everything, including the most creative sex partner ever. She loved men, and women and for years it seemed Friday night was always interesting and almost always ended with a new friend or two. As I mentioned we were members here but Betty liked a drink and she liked to go out so for the most part we found our new friends out and about. Subtly wasn't her forte and she dressed more like a than a mom, she knew what her assets were and she flaunted them. She had the nicest tits and ass! Her boobs were always spilling out of her skimpy little tops and her ass was always wrapped in tight jeans or just barely covered by the shortest dresses and skirts you can imagine! My favorite look of hers was when she wore her short shorts and she had quite a collection of them. And that girl had legs! beautiful muscular toned legs! She was a knockout and if she wanted to she always walked out of the bar with one or more people to fuck! Naturally I got to join in the fun!
Long weekend
Posted:Oct 15, 2019 1:02 am
Last Updated:Oct 15, 2019 1:24 am

I live in a neighborhood. It's nice and of course this weekend was just beautiful with all the fall colors. The house next to me has been empty for a bit but this past week a new neighbor moved in. A tall, long haired man who will be working from home. He's handsome. Quite well built too and single. He had wood delivered Friday and was outside working Saturday morning so I went over with a box of joe and a couple of bagels and offered my help. A little background before we move on. I lost my wife a few years ago now. Since then I've discovered that I not only find beautiful women sexy but beautiful men too and I've been acting on those sexy feelings more and more. I think I'm bi but I might just be gay. So let me tell you that as I worked with my new neighbor and watched his rangy body move and watched his beautiful mouth as we talked I became quite...horny to say the least. He was in his pjs and the bottoms flowed over his body. He had on a short sleeved T and I could see every muscle in his body flex over and over which made my cock harder and harder. I wanted to have this guy and I wanted to give him anything he wanted. So when we were finished I asked him over for a drink after we cleaned up and he accepted so I ran home to shower and get properly groomed. I'm well built too so I slid some body hugging clothes on and a dab of scent. I smelled good and had a nice bottle of red open and breathing when he arrived. We drank and talked and ate and then I suggested to we sit on my big couch. It's comfy with a lot of pillows. He sat down then I sat very close to him. I looked him in his gorgeous blue eyes. I began to touch him, moving my hands along his chest then his belly then back up to his face. I told him I wanted to touch his cock and slid my hands down his body again and rested my hand on his rock hard cock. He was now rubbing my shoulders and back and I felt him push me toward his crotch. I laid my head on top of his cock, looked up at this handsome man and asked if I could put him in my mouth. He moved me away which made me feel like it was over but the stood, unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor. He wasn't wearing underwear so there it was, throbbing and huge. He sat back down with that magnificent cock standing straight up. I stripped off my clothes in front of him as he caressed my body. Totally naked I got down on my knees, took his cock in my hand and fondled it then began to suck that man off. His cock filled my mouth, he was thick and long and so hard. He exploded in my mouth! I swallow cum but his cum gushed and spewed and I just couldn't keep up with it so I pulled him from my mouth and jerked him off until he finished! Cum was everywhere! We just hung there for a bit, both quite spent from the whole experience. It's going to be hard to have him next door after that. We'll see where it goes but I see some good times ahead! I'll keep you posted!

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